Reasons to Use ibis Paint X in PC

Whether it’s using ibis paint for laptop, or a desktop, it’s one of the best applications to use to bring out your creative juices. There are several reasons to use ibis Paint X on your PC, many of which will be personal preferences for a lot of people, and others will be because the program truly deserves a ton of praise.


1. It is extremely lightweight

No one likes running an extremely resource-heavy application on their computer. If you don’t have powerful hardware installed in your computer, be it a laptop or a desktop machine, the program can take several seconds to load properly, which is more than enough to be infuriating for the user. With ibis Paint X, it uses very little CPU, and RAM overhead, meaning that even if you have a computer that’s a few years old and is running an older Windows 7, you’ll be able to run it comfortably. Bear in mind that since there’s not a native application made for Microsoft’s Windows, you’ll have to employ a different way to run it. Thankfully, there are easy workarounds to scale this little hurdle, like installing Bluestacks on your computer.

2. Support is excellent when it comes to learning

Getting used to the idea of a new software is a challenge for a lot of people, and it often takes weeks until you get the hang of it, and that is only possible if you invest a lot of hours learning how to use it. The talented team behind the creation of ibis Paint X probably knew these would be one of the challenges users would face, so they decided to make their own YouTube channel to help creative individuals get the hang of it quickly. There are lots of tutorials geared towards beginners, intermediates, and experts, so you can continue learning as you progress with your ibis Paint X skill development.

3. Lots of editing options to choose from

A lot of people would believe that because an app is ‘free to use’ on Google Play, it would come with limited features. However, that isn’t the case here because there are lots of options to choose from. We’ll get to that, but you should know that there’s also a paid version, which you can choose if you want to avoid seeing all those ads while running ibis Paint X. The best thing about this method is that you just have to pay once; there’s no monthly subscription-based business model being observed. Now coming to the editing options, users obtain access to around 325 different brushes, along with 2500 materials, more than 800 fonts, 63 filters, 27 blending modes and so much more. Once you fire up the app from your handset, you’ll immediately know that you’re in for a treat.

Were these reasons enough for you to switch to ibis Paint X? If yes, get downloading and start using it right away.

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