Reasons Toys Are Better Than Video Games for Kids

Raising kids in today’s age of technology isn’t always easy, and many parents stick to the easiest option that exists: giving their kids gadgets to play with. Gadgets are light, small and easy to pack, and they also come with a store that allows both parents and kids to download their favorite apps and video games. Even though this seems like an easy way to have fun, playing video games at such an early age can have serious consequences on a child’s development and well-being. On the other hand, toys might seem old-fashioned, but they still offer incredible value to children’s happiness, so here are a few reasons why choosing toys over video games is better for kids:


1. Toys can foster imagination

Remember when you were a kid playing with your favorite toys? Remember how easy and comforting it felt? That is mainly due to all the imagination you had to use in order to have fun, and nowadays most entertainment comes from screens, where everything is ready to be touched or clicked. But with traditional toys, a child can get instantly transported into a new world and become a doctor, a scientist, a teacher or a chef. That way they don’t only boost their creativity, but they also practice their language and story-telling skills.

2. Playing with toys is great for motor skills development

Being tech-savvy is great, but considering that we all use phones, tablets, and laptops, a child isn’t really required to use them all the time, since they’ll be using it anyway once they get older. But, playing with puzzles, dolls, blocks and action figures is a great way to support fine motor skills and boost brain development. There are many toys out there that are great for encouraging motivation and motor skills so if you’re planning to get a few for your kid(s), you can check out fun toys at and if possible, try to include your kid when picking toys, because, after all, they’ll be the one playing with them every day.

3. Encouraging the love for art can only be beneficial

Almost every kid out there enjoys art since there is nothing more comforting than drawing or making things out of Play-Doh. Artistic crafts can help a child become more imaginative and focused, which can be beneficial to children who struggle with staying focused. Being able to start and complete the task is one of the skills every kid needs if they want to be successful later in life.

4. They can help them be more physically active

Unfortunately, childhood obesity has been increasing, and the best way to prevent that or to at least mitigate it is to incorporate physical activities in such a way that they will feel entertaining and fun. For example, bike riding, playing sports, horse riding are all helpful when it comes to reducing obesity and learning how to socialize. Therefore, if your child seems a bit shy, then getting them a ball or enrolling them in a sports class can help them get out of their shell and feel more confident in their own skin.

In conclusion, playing with gadgets is fine, but if you truly want your child to thrive and learn all the right skills, then opting for old school toys and activities will surely benefit their health and development in the long run.

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