Reasons You Should Upgrade Microsoft Office

It’s common to see companies getting scared from the word “Upgrade”. Many companies don’t even update their softwares, until they are forced to. The reason lies under the fact that the workforce becomes fond of using the previous version and cant accept and get used to the update quickly, because of which the overall productivity of the company generally decreases a bit. However, when it comes to Microsoft Office 365, you will be missing out on so many benefits. It is guaranteed that the wide range of benefits you’ll ultimately get from upgrading your Microsoft Office are all worth the change. You can search how to updates microsoft office for maconline and enjoy the perks of it.

Below are some reasons why you should definitely go for a microsoft office update.


Improved Productivity

The updated version of microsoft office has a wide variety of applications that can improve the efficiency and productivity to a great extent. Applications like one drive for business, Yammer, Microsoft Teams are very powerful tools. Moreover, it also has even more productive tools like Delve, Sway, Planner and much more. The best part is that all of these tools are at one place, with a very seamless user experience and are fully integrated. The ability to collaborate in real time is one of the biggest benefits you’ll get from upgrading your microsoft office to 0365. All the applications in the updated version are designed in a way so that they can be easily shared with anyone. Users have an opportunity to work on a specific document collectively while viewing each other’s edits. No matter how far away your colleagues are in terms of locations, they can view your work, share notes, give feedback, and conduct productive meetings with you.

Quick Installation and Easy deployment

The best thing about the updated microsoft office version is that you can easily install it locally and can even run all the online versions of all the applications. You can install it quickly without any issues. If you are a PC user, you can install it by logging into the portal. All you have to do is to click “Install Office Apps”, and then later select Office from the list that appears in front of you. By doing this, you will have immediate access to all the content and files of the organization. The user can then send an installation link to different phones and tablets in the form of text messages and emails from the same portal. So with just one click, all of the different office applications can be downloaded and emails, shared content and files from your work can all be accessed.

High security

The updated Microsoft Office has an award winning security. Hackers have become very clever these days and can breach your data through viruses like Ransomware and Malware. Once your data gets breached, the hackers will ask you for a ransom to be paid before they can release your data, and the worst part is that, you can’t even be sure whether they’ll release your data or not even after getting the ransom. In the updated version of Microsoft Office, you get to have extra security by having extra layers of data loss prevention, advanced threat protection and multi-factor authentication. In this way, your work force can be relieved and don’t have to worry about any data theft.

Smooth Software Updates

Gone are the days when the updates had to be installed in each system. These days, all the Microsoft Office related updates are automatically downloaded and installed on a device. This means that the users no longer have to worry about making an effort of installing an update as everything is done automatically. Mostly admins can’t use any applications while updates are being installed, and that is pretty frustrating at times, when your internet is slow and the updates take much longer than usual to be installed. However, with the latest Microsoft Office version this sure isn’t a problem. Another good aspect is that the users can keep on using all the applications while the updates are being installed.

So what is holding you back from updating your Microsoft Office? Get your hands on the latest version of it and enjoy the perks of using all the latest applications. It will greatly help you to increase the efficiency as well as the productivity of your company.

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