How to Download and Save GIF from Twitter [GUIDE]

Twitter is the best micro-blogging platform where people form all around the world connect with each other. It’s the place where a particular story, image, video or GIF can get insanely popular within minutes. With over 300M+ daily active users, this makes sense as who doesn’t love to gossip or share their opinions about the current affairs? Be it a sports game, a political discussion, some natural disaster or even a funny meme, everyone enjoys to have some fun online. What if you fall in love with a GIF on Twitter and want to download it?

In this guide, I will be sharing various methods, using which you will be able to download and save GIF from Twitter to your Android smartphones, iPhone/iPads or your computer. I have been using Twitter way back since 2009 and I have made tons of connections with like minded, weird, funny and awesome people all over the world. I know how things work and what needs to be mended in order to get things done, so let’s start the show.


For Android

1. Using TwitterVideoDownloader Website

You can use the site in order to save the GIF without facing any issue like you usually do. For this, you need to follow a few simple steps that can ease the task of saving GIF from twitter.

  • You must have the Twitter app that the world uses to tweet. Use the app in order to open any video of your choice. As soon as you open the video, click on the option “Share
  • When you click on the “Share” option, you will see several options or applications to share with. You need to choose the app TwitterVideoDownloader
  • As soon as you choose the app, the video will be processed and the options of video will open
  • From the option “Video”, you can download and then enjoy the video in the form of GIF

2. Using Tweet2GIF

In case the first method doesn’t work which ideally shouldn’t happen, you can try this method and save the GIF.

Tweet2GIF is an application that allows you to download GIF in a more convenient manner. (Download Here)

  • You need to “Tweet”. As you reach the space where you tweet, you need to expand the space and get the full link
  • You need to select “Copy Link to Tweet” and this option will be located on the right hand top corner of Twitter
  • Go to Tweet2GIF app and then paste the link you had copied
  • Now you are ready to download or save your GIF

For iOS

On your iPhone or iPad? Well, be rest assured, there is a cool browser app which will allow you to download the GIFs easily on any iOS devices.

1. Using GIFWrapped App

This is one of the easiest methods of saving GIF. You need to install the application GIFWrapped. It is an application that will cost you nothing. The specialty of this app is a built-in browser that makes search easy.

  • Log in to your Twitter account
  • Open the tweet containing GIF you like and copy Tweet URL 
  • The copied link should now be pasted on the built in browser of GIFWrapped app
  • That’s it, you can easily download the GIF of your choice

For Computer

You can download Twitter GIFs on your laptop or computer using some websites which allows this service and a small trick which I have discovered. All in all, there are three methods that you can use in downloading GIF from computer. 

1. Using “mobile” Keyword

  • Find the URL of the Tweet, the GIF or video of which you want to download
  • You can find the URL by clicking on “More” which will be seen just below the GIF or video
  • You will see an option “Copy link to tweet
  • Select that option and then modify the URL by adding “mobile.” before the URL (it should look like:
  • Now, before tweeting, you need to open the modified URL in the computer browser and then while the video plays, click and save the video as GIF

2. Using EzGIF Website

  • First of all, log in to your account of Twitter
  • The link of the GIF you like should be copied
  • Open your browser and go to this URL: http://www, and then choose “Video to GIF” option
  • You will see the option “Save GIF from Twitter
  • Post the copied link there
  • You should now use the “Upload Button” in order to convert the video to GIF

3. Using Savedeo Website

  • Open your Twitter account and open the tweet which contains the GIF you like
  • You need to copy the tweet/GIF link
  • Open your browser and go to this URL:
  • There will be a field where you can paste the link you had already copied
  • Click on the button “Download” and you will get an MP4 format of the link
  • Choose any of the GIF site and convert that MP4 into GIF

Final Words

With this, we come to the end of this guide! I will be soon also sharing a guide on how to download Twitter videos.

But I hope you enjoyed this guide and were able to successfully download GIFs from Twitter without any difficulties. The above methods are the easiest which I’ve found in my experience. If you have any other ideas or options, please share them in the comment sections below. Do share the article, since if it helped you it can help your friends as well.

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