Screen Printing Tips for Your T-shirt Business

Men’s white and black t-shirt with short sleeve mockup. Front view. Vector template.

A successful T-shirt business has basics on principles of creativity and uniqueness. Clients look for T-shirts whose graphic design, typing, and illustrations are appealing. However, the process of coming with a great T-shirt design can be daunting.

Take time to imagine and sketch your concept

Coming up with a unique concept takes a lot of sacrifices. You can come up with ideas through imaginations. You will need a paper and a pencil to brainstorm and sketch out the designs built in mind.

You can go out on a walk or sit at the park and figure out the best plan. Remember to avoid distractions, such as noise and an empty stomach. Sketch out various variations so that you can settle on the best. A good environment inspires creative ideas. Therefore, for brainstorming success ensure you select the right environment.

Be simple as you focus on detail

Many T-shirt lovers appreciate best drawings but pay attention to detail. A grand masterpiece presented on a T-shirt is one that a person can look at for hours without getting bored. Most exceptional designs are those that are simple. The typing should be clear and readable when executed on the T-shirt.

Have an idea of your prospective market target

Understanding the market target before printing any T-shirt design is very vital. The choice of color and wordings depend on the target clients. Specific models rely on the gender that wears them. Are you targeting youths, kids, or old persons, male or female?

These are the vital questions that you will have to ask yourself before settling on screen printing. For instance, many male youths prefer dull colors, while ladies prefer brighter colors. If your customer base is one gender, then go for their taste and preferences when printing.

Be updated with the latest trends

Every potential buyer wants a t-shirt design that matches with the current trends. Don’t lag by printing out old T-shirts designs lest you fail to sell. Get inspiration for the latest trends by researching from the internet and researching from potential clients.

Many fashion bloggers are updated with trends as they come. At times, when a particular artwork or inspiration trends on T-shirt designs, people who can spread the word out there are the bloggers. Follow them on their social media platforms to get these ideas and ensure you are not left behind.

Get a good printer

A good printer will take your printing from good to best. However, outsourcing for one is difficult, considering that the market has flooded various printers that promise huge and return less. Before settling for a screen printer, ask for recommendations from other established T-shirt printing business owners.

Types of printers have a lot at stake on matters cost, performance, and maintenance. Go for a reputable and reliable professional’s advice. It’s essential to consider the size of production that you anticipate producing when getting a printer. If you are a beginner, start with manual printers before improving to automatic printers.

Select a good fabric

A good printout on any T-shirt can be ruined by poor fabric. Fabrics production comes from different entities. Many customers prefer 100% cotton because it is comfortable to put on. Also, screen printing on cotton is easy and works best with water-based ink.

A right fabric can bring out a good painting. It will also be attractive from far, and the shirt will be durable. Other desirable t-shirt materials can be rayon or natural/synthetic blends. The fabric chosen should depend on the purpose of the garment also. For a sports team T-shirt, a polyester blend can be the best choice.

The above tips can help you improve your T-shirt business if coupled up with determination and hard work. Always go for customers’ feedback to help improve your future sales. Focus on enhancing marketing skills by adopting modern techniques such as online marketing and quick deliveries.

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