Showbox No Download Option [FIXED]

It’s Showbox fix time! Showbox is a great application to watch movies and TV shows on your mobile devices. Though whenever it went through a maintenance period or a newer version was released, the users faced several problems like “Waiting for peers“, “Server error” and “No Download option”. These are minor problems that can be fixed easily by following a couple procedures though they do hinder when you are ready to enjoy your favorite series on your fluffy couch.

In this guide, I will be sharing an easy solution to fix the Showbox No Download Option error. A lot of people and some of my friends as well have been reporting this issue. So I thought why not create a quick error fixing guide for the same. The latest Showbox update allows us to download as well as stream movies at the same time plus the navigation is really intuitive. But the issue of having no Download button is a serious one, so let’s address it!


What is Showbox No Download Option?

After using Showbox for a couple of years or maybe less, suddenly you won’t be able to find the Download button or option. Now this may occur due to a glitch, a recent update in the application or because of the new Google Play updates.

For instance, one of my friends was watching Peaky Blinders and since he downloaded some episodes in French, he deleted them and went back to download the English ones. Guess what? He couldn’t find the download option, all he could do was use the “Watch Now” feature.

Someone posted on Reddit that after a year, now he could no longer download movies or TV shows. While another friend couldn’t download any episodes from the 11th season of a TV show. Weird right?

So what’s the reason for this? Well, no one knows other than the developers of this amazing application. But since we are humans and we always find a workaround to solve issues that we face in life, there are some of them that could help you in this case as well.

How to Solve Showbox No Download Option Issue

Now there are multiple ways which you can use to troubleshoot and fix this problem. I am going to explain and write each one of them step by step so that it’s easy for you to follow.

1. Download Older Version of Showbox

One thing you can try out doing is to install an older version of the app. This worked like a charm for one of my buddies. You can just Google it and you will find a reliable source for sure.

2. Use a 3rd-party Video Downloader

A good way to fix this problem is to use an alternative third-party video downloader. There are a bunch of them out there. Just go to the Google Play Store and type “Advanced Download Manager” (link). Now follow the below steps:

  • Once you download and install Advanced Download Manager, you are ready to download and watch the videos
  • Launch Showbox app
  • Click on the three little dots next to the quality selector
  • Select “Other Player” from the menu
  • Now open the video you wish to watch and click on “Watch Now
  • When the prompt comes up, select “Open With
  • Select “ADM Editor
  • You are done!

This is a great option since you will also have the liberty to sent the downloaded movies to your SD card over the internal memory. You can use ANY 3rd party video player, ADM is just an example.

3. Clear Cache by Turning Off Wi-fi

This is a very common solution which has worked in many cases (regardless the complexity of the problem). All you need to do is:

  • Turn off Wi-fi from the settings Menu on your smartphone
  • Go to Settings >> Manage Applications
  • Select “Showbox” from the list of apps
  • Click on “Clear Cache/Data” and you are done!

Final Words

With this, we come to the end of this quick guide. You can try out all the 3 methods since they have worked for my friends or other people who posted their issues online on forums or sites like Reddit.

Feel free to comment below if you still are facing problem and can’t find download option on Showbox. Also if you want me to solve a particular problem, do let me know. Share this post if you think it’s helpful, cheers!

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