Top Six Smartphone Monitoring Apps

Smartphone monitoring apps have become an important part of ensuring the security of near and dear ones. These applications let us keep a close eye on the safety of our kids, spouses, family, and other close relatives. The dangers of using social media platforms extend to luring our loved ones into committing illegal activities which can cost the users a lot in the long run. It is important to know about the online activities of your dear ones in order to keep close tabs on their safety. Here is a list of smartphone monitoring applications which help you in ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

Smartphone Monitoring Apps



Flexispy is considered to be one of the most comprehensive mobile tracking applications. The flexispy reviews are always filled with words like “satisfaction” and “excellent app”. The reason as to why Flexispy is so popular among the users is because of its versatile features. You can track WhatsApp, SMS, Emails and calls etc by using Flexispy. It offers live interception and detailed call reports. You can also record calls and be able to listen to the call surroundings. Remote capturing of screenshots and access to the contact list and messages of the targeted phone are also provided by this app.


mSpy is one of the best smartphone tracking applications. If you are looking for a mobile tracking application which will spy on the content being transferred from and to the targeted smartphone device, mSpy is the best pick for you. You can easily spy on the emails, Call logs, WhatsApp, SMS, and the location of the targeted device. This app also lets you access initial installation of the emails which helps in viewing all the details about dashboard usage. mSpy also has the ability to protecting your smartphone from theft. You can access it from any browser and it does not send any notifications to the targeted device. The user-friendly interface adds the cherry on top.


Another app to make it to the top monitoring apps is Xnspy. The app scores on features, compatibility, and performance. The app provides users with one of the most impressive ranges of features apart from text and call monitoring, web activity history, and locations. Xnspy gives you remote control of the device, allowing you to set alerts on contacts, words, and locations, record keystrokes with the keylogger, access emails, view WiFi logs, access multimedia, track social media activities, GPS and geofencing location tracking. Xnspy tracks in real-time. And one of the few apps to offer offline tracking means it continues to monitor phone and record data without an internet connection. The app comes with plenty of remote functionalities, letting you wipe off data from the phone, lock/shut the device, record surroundings, and take live screenshots too.


Spyzie is another highly effective smartphone tracking application. You can view the incoming and outgoing calls on the targeted device. It also helps you in setting up browser tracker to keep a check on browsing history. You can also read sent and received the message. Spyzie features real-time location by tracking via GPS. You can also download media files. The best thing is that the app deleted by itself on the targeted device so the user can never know if there is a monitoring app installed on his phone. You can record calls and take screenshots as well.

Phone Sheriff:

Phone Sheriff is an exclusive mobile phone tracking app which features spyware protection and a photo editor. The real-time GPS tracker helps in tracking the location of the targeted device. You can also set real-time restrictions and view browsing history of the targeted phone.


SMS, emails, and call tracking along with real-time location tracking are some of the top features of Spyera. This app lets you monitor skype, messenger, WhatsApp etc. The password grabber can efficiently hack passwords.

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