Five Features of Future Smartphones

Smartphones are very common today and we expect them to get smarter. Mobile phones are originally intended as means of communications, but today, they can be used for many different purposes. Even the simplest smartphone in the market is already equipped with a camera, 4G LTE connectivity, GPS and multiple apps. However, manufacturers won’t stop right there, constant advancement in technology requires the addition of high-end features. High-end features on phone you can find at Fonehouse.

  1. Augmented reality: Augmented reality is a more intuitive and seamless way of acquiring information. Relevant data are integrated with a visual representation. At the moment, augmented data could be shown when we enable the camera and we get relevant information on the screen, based on the focused objects or our situations. Augmented reality is often integrated with GPS, so the information would be location-relevant.
  2. Flexible screens: We will eventually able to adjust our screen physically, based on our requirements. When browsing, playing games or watching videos, you may want to fold or unfold the screen. It will be possible when OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode becomes more common.
  3. Built-in projectors: It won’t only be the screen, future smartphones may come with more reliable built-in projectors. Some smartphone models have included built-in projectors in the past, but they didn’t work so well.
  4. AI-based voice control: Current smartphone models already have integrated voice recognition that accepts commands. Artificial intelligence will allow for seamless voice control.
  5. Holograms and 3D displays: Some smartphones already have offer sharper resolution than what our eyes could detect. Still, we have thirsted for even better camera solutions. Future smartphone models will incorporate more 3D technological elements. Holographic projections may sound like sci-fi, but advances in mobile technology will make them possible to implement.

It would be quite exciting to get at least one of these features on our phone. Augmented reality has been used in a limited degree, using the display and camera. Starting in 2019, the flexible display has become the basic design for many top smartphone models.

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