The ideal monitors for your gaming experience

An all-encompassing review of the best 120hz monitors which have awesome specs, design features, performance, and unbelievable prices. The ideal monitors for your gaming experience.


EIZO FORIS FG2421-BK 23.5-Inch Screen LCD MonitorĀ 

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We are thrilled that the 23.5-inch Eizo FG2421 is finally here. Why? Well because it is fast, has excellent depth and superb performance. It is one-of-its-kind 240Hz monitor that reduces motion blurring to almost zero. And we are happy about the VA-based LCD panel too. Why? Find out here.


At first glance, the FG2421 is a standard looking monitor with the matte black finish, thin bezel and control buttons at the bottom centre. A small Eizo logo is printed at the bottom left corner of the screen.

When you turn it around, the monitor actually becomes spectacular. There is a bright orange section on the body which doubles as a carry handle. The bottom part of the stand has an orange cable holder.

The design is basic but does not forget ergonomics. The monitor has a height adjustment of up to 6 centimetres. It could be swivelled up to 344 degrees and tilted back up to 25 degrees.

The monitor is very light-weight at 6 kgs and non-bulky because of its average screen size. It is pretty easy to move it around.


The model has an HDMI port, a DisplayPort and a DVI. It also has a 3.5 mm stereo jack and a jack for headphones. The HDMI is not fast enough though. There is a USB hub with 2 downstream and one upstream port. There are no inbuilt speakers in the body.


The monitor has many out-of-the-box colour settings including the setting options of FPS1, FPS2, RTS, and Web. There is also an option of downloading pre-sets,especially for counter strike and others. We like the attitude of Eizo and their stress on accurate colours.

Since it is a gaming monitor, we were very happy to find slightly oversaturated colours. Gamma rises to a higher value than average when in the too bright zone. It is typical of gaming monitors.The brightness setting at 100% can be measured at 217 cd/m2.

When the monitor is on Web mode, the display becomes slightly better. The brightness increases, gamma becomes stable and colours are little oversaturated.


The FG2421 has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and resolution of 1920×1080. Which is typically less than what is considered standard these days. The low resolution is not very ideal for regular use, but for gaming it is perfect. One of the important factors not heavily advertised is that the monitor is flicker-free. It is actually very good for the eyes.

The monitor is a 240Hz one with 120Hz of input capabilities and 120Hz of black insertion technology. This Turbo 240 actually increases the refresh rate to 240Hz by controlling the blinking of LED light in the background. The combination of VA panel and Turbo 240 feature means an extremely fast response time of 1 ms, magnificent black depth and contrast.

The Turbo 240 function reduces overall brightness but maintains high contrast. The viewing angle is quite good and shadow detailing from a normal angle is more than satisfactory. But from zero degrees, the shadow detailing falls down a bit.

Who cares?

The gaming performance of the monitor is great. The screen is a little dim during bright daylight but it is not an issue as such. The monitor is extremely fast. Though there cannot be zero motion blurring it definitely does not stutter. The input-lag is almost zero and dark moments are absolutely awesome. It is the perfect gaming monitor.


Eizo moved into gaming PCs just a while ago but it has delivered better than most. The picture quality is great, viewing angles better than most, excellent gaming performance and kind of a minor revolution in gaming monitors. Though it is not such a good option for a graphic designer or a photographer.

We Like We Dislike
Turbo 240 reduces blur considerably Viewing angles are underwhelming
Excellent picture quality Gets a bit dark when Turbo 240 is activated
Completely flicker-free Low resolution not ideal for non-gaming usage
Excellent black levels  


Refresh rate and response time are the most important features during gaming. Now your monitor choice will depend on whether you have a powerful gaming PC or you prefer Play station and Xbox most of the time. It also depends on your graphics card. But we have done the best we could. We have listed here the best 4 after tons of research for various purposes. You are free to make a buying decision without doing any further research. Just go for it!

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