The Top Tips To Get You The Fastest Internet Speeds In Australia

We live in a very fast-moving world where we can gain access to the Internet from almost anywhere in the country and on the globe. We have moved on significantly over the past 20 to 30 years when it comes to Internet speeds and before we were willing to wait for the page to load up and now we can’t even wait a second before we start complaining. It is the world that we live in and we rely greatly on technology to allow us to do our jobs every single day and to allow us to live our daily lives. The unfortunate thing however is that slow Internet speed can end up costing you money from a business point of view and maybe even friends from a personal side.

This is why you need to do everything that you can to make sure that you are getting the fastest Internet speeds possible here in Australia because ‘if you snooze – you lose’ and if you are unable to reply to a customer fast enough then they will take their business elsewhere and probably to one of your competitors. From a personal point of view, we like to watch movies in our free time, and to have the best experience we need to be able to stream it quickly. This is why you do need to invest in a POE switch that will allow you to get the best speeds possible. This is just one way to get faster Internet and the following are some others.

  • Run your antivirus software – Unless your antivirus software is set to switch itself on at least once a week to clear out your hard drive then it’s likely that you will forget about it and so malware and viruses will find it easy to get a foothold in your devices. You need to invest in antivirus software that can find and remove anything malicious that shouldn’t be on your desktop computer or tablet. Remember to update your antivirus regularly because there are many new threats out there.
  • Figure out your limit – You may not be aware of this but your Internet service provider may be putting a limit on how much data you can use every single month and this slows down your speeds. If you’re not sure what your limit is then you can log into the website of your Internet provider to keep an eye on the data that you are using. If you are exceeding it, you might want to talk to your provider to switch to a different plan.

The best thing however that works every single time is to invest in a quality router and if it has any external antenna then don’t forget to adjust them to try to widen the Wi-Fi coverage that you currently have. Always remember to clear your cache and your browsing history as this will help to free up some more storage space.

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