These 7 Stocks Can Do Well in 2020

Today’s economy is quite turbulent. Coronavirus pandemic led to the global shutdown of companies and various service providers. These new challenges influence all aspects of our lives, but most of all — our financial well-being. We cannot predict how long it will take to stop the disease outbreak and get back to normal. What we can do — is take a closer look at the stock market and analyze its perspectives in our changing environment.

First of all, we will focus on the shares that represent businesses less influenced by a recent economic downturn. Secondly, we will take into account their stock market histories and perspectives.


Consider Some E-commerce Stock

E-commerce and a wide range of cloud services, that are so popular now, direct our attention towards Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). Huge volume so online order sand deliveries made Dave Clark, senior vice president of Amazon, announce the employment of many new workers. At the time when many companies lay off the personnel, Amazon hires 100 000 people to deal with the demand. They have become a vital aid during the coronavirus quarantine, helping keep Americans safe at home. You can also stay at home and buy cheap essay.

US market is consumption-driven, and that’s what makes Visa (NYSE:V) a good investment option. This dominant payment facilitator is not a lender. So even if the American economy goes into recession, Visa will feel almost no effect. The Dow Jones card giant has a commanding market share in the fast-growing digital payment industry. Taking into account their cents witch to online purchases, their profit will only grow.

Wall Street Favorites

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is among the favorite of Wall Street pros. In 2019 Apple was Dow’s best performer. Every year they have something up their sleeve to attract buyers’ attention. Now it is a 5G-capable iPhone. Taking into account that China is the heart of iPhone production and that it accounts for more than 15% of Apple sales — the company will not avoid the impact of the pandemic. But the majority of investment experts believe that, despite the challenges, Apple will be a top choice for 2020 as well. Reuters polls state that the company can even hit record highs this year.

We all know that it’s best to stick with stocks that carry EPS (Earnings Per Share) rating 80 or higher. Disney is a stable company with a conservative business model that brings steady earnings to its investors. Now, after entering into the world of streaming with Disney Plus, it is even more attractive. We all know that their theme parks are closed because of the coronavirus outbreak; it has also influenced film production. But Disney knows how to diversify the business, and their new streaming service topped the company’s highest expectations. After the November debut, they reported almost 30 million paid subscribers this February. In March they plan to expand to other European countries and India and reach 100 million subscribers by 2025. Disney’s strong portfolio and a range of services make the studio interesting for long-term investors.

Tesla stock (NASDAQ: TSLA) is known for its fluctuations. That’s why experts have two contradictory points of view on the company’s future. Some say their stock is overvalued, others believe it can reach up to 15 thousand per share by 2024. An important fact — Tesla is the first American carmaker to hit a 100 billion market cap. The demand for Model 3 Sedan is very high. If the company is able to sustain its profitability and demand in Europe and China (which is starting to recover from the coronavirus outbreak), the chances to earn heftily from Tesla’s shares are high.

Social Media Giants

We all know that selling creates an opportunity for wise and patient investors. A social media giant Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) will not be influenced much by the 2020 recession. The company gets its money from the number of users and their engagement, and, of course, the advertisers. Today’s reality proves that within the next few months, people will spend even more time online. So, forget your short-term fears and invest in Facebook, while their stocks plunge due to the pandemic market earthquake.

Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) is another social media titan to consider. The recent sell-off of their stock is a golden buying opportunity. It is estimated that by 2025 Pinterest can reach up to 500 million active users, making it very attractive to the advertisers. The shift to e-commerce continues to speedup, and Pinterest is known to be very effective at converting views into sales. Remember, market real ways see where the opportunities are and seize them.

Experts say that the next great recession has begun. We should accept there a list and concentrate on the opportunities it can offer. This can be the best possible time to start investing because asset prices are falling hard. It means you can buy stocks for far less money than just a few years prior. Our list of long-term growth stock will hopefully help you to make the best choice!

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