Things to Consider When Hiring Your Next IT Recruiter

In every organization, information technology (IT) plays a critical role in providing technical support and infrastructure. If you search the internet, you will realize that there are numerous IT recruiting agencies. They all claim to be specialists in the field, but not all of them understand what it takes to be an IT professional.

When a recruiter does not know the required soft skills and technical proficiency for a position, how then will they recruit the right candidates? To avoid these pitfalls, there are things you should consider before hiring your next IT recruiter.


Who is an IT Recruiter?

An information technology recruiter is a technical recruiter that specializes in the field of IT and other fields that are related to tech. They can either work independently or with a recruitment agency. Some IT recruiters work in different companies as part of the in-house team.

The responsibilities of technical recruiters are almost the same as that of other types of recruiters. They find and screen candidates, arrange interviews, and act as liaison officers between prospective employees and companies. Ultimately, it is their duty to find a suitable candidate for a vacant position. You may want to read this article to know more about an IT recruiter.

Basic Skills IT Recruiters Should Possess


Most recruiters are not tech experts, but they should have primary knowledge of the current technologies. In addition to technical knowledge, IT recruiters should possess soft skills. They spend more time meeting people from different backgrounds, so being open-minded, personable, and empathetic is essential. Below are some skills that IT recruiters should possess.

1. Communication Skill

Recruiters communicate a lot via phone, in person, or email. This communication involves straightforward messages as well as softer, more tactful messages. And to be a great communicator, recruiters must be good listeners. They should hear the company’s needs and that of the clients. This will help them match the right candidates with the right position.

Excellent communicators carry out insightful and more accurate interviewing. They interpret the body language of the candidates and understand how they feel, including what they are thinking without them saying it out loud.

2. Social Media and IT Skills

When it comes to networking, social media cannot be over-emphasized. It is a good platform to find active candidates. IT recruiters take advantage of current IT technologies to outdo their competitors.

They use algorithms to get analytics and metrics that will help them to make useful predictions. Therefore, before hiring, you need to check that the IT recruiting agency uses updated trends and techniques to find the right candidates.

3. Time Management Skill

A good recruiter offers clients security and confidence during the job-finding processes. Therefore, they need to set deadlines, objectives, and goals to ensure that their proposal yields measurable results. Time is of the essence and no one wants to spend it looking for weak candidates.

Hence, recruiters should have the ability to manage their time and make their work more reliable and productive. They must be focused, attend meetings on time, and deliver on their promises before the deadline. Otherwise, the company will find a candidate for itself, or the candidate will find a job elsewhere.

4. Multi-Tasking Skill

They should have the capacity to handle different responsibilities at once and determine which one will take the top priority. Also, they should recall details of each job posting, candidates, and the companies. This will enable them to effectively move from the current project to another at any moment.

5. Relationship-Building Skill

Excellent recruiters love meeting people; they easily connect people to opportunities. They build relationships by getting people to trust them. As a result, they are professional, knowledgeable, approachable, personable, and reliable.

So, when hiring an IT recruiter, look out for experts who relate well with people. They understand the real-life of the candidates that will likely fill the positions. Sometimes, some candidates are passive, and you can only understand them when you build a relationship with them. You may want to check out to find other skills of a recruiter.


When a company is looking to hire, it can decide to advertise or go through recruiting agencies. Tech companies expect these agencies to understand the job role as well as the necessary skills for the job. This will enable them to get the right candidates for the job. So, before you hire an agency or a professional recruiter, ensure that they possess the basic skills we discussed.

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