Tips for converting BTS to BTC with the best exchange rates

When you invest in cryptocurrency and build your portfolio, over time it becomes necessary to make changes to it. The situation on the cryptocurrency market can change any day, especially the bitcoin rate. Previously, the historical peak of Bitcoin rate was at the mark of $ 58.6 thousand. Immediately after that, a sharp drop was recorded, ending at around $ 45 thousand. However, as of April 10, 2021, the rate of the first cryptocurrency is already $ 60.2 thousand. Experts note that there are no prerequisites for reducing the value of this crypto coin yet. Now this currency has again begun to enjoy its increased demand, striving for its new historical maximum.

Interest in the long-term investment strategies has increased, as the current indicators are quite conducive to this. It is recommended to follow the movements of large institutional investors. When they start actively selling Bitcoins, this could be a signal that the cryptocurrency is preparing to fall in price. Trying to buy Bitcoins at the minimum point is almost as impossible as selling them at the maximum. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is impossible to predict for sure whether this is the final “peak”, or whether the currency will still grow. It’s the same with the minimum price. To average the purchase price, it is better to buy cryptocurrency not once a year for all funds, but to do it at marginally and at least once a month. Novice investors are advised to choose simple strategies. Newcomers, hoping for a quick profit, do not act rationally and lose their savings. Buying Bitcoin for a long time is one of the simplest and most successful strategies.

But what about when you need to exchange, for example, Bitshares to Bitcoin? Speaking of methods, crypto exchange services and exchanges are the undisputed leaders. And if the first ones have always been the easiest and most convenient way, the exchanges are considered the most profitable ones.

To understand the difference between conversion on a cryptocurrency exchange and through an exchange service, first of all, it is necessary to highlight the fundamental differences between these two platforms.

  • An exchange service. The trading operation looks like this: you transfer funds to the company’s account and in return you receive the desired digital currency. So that, the crypto exchange service here acts as an intermediary. Exchange rates are formed on the basis of quotes on the world’s leading exchanges.
  • An exchange. Conversion of cryptocurrencies on the exchanges takes place in a completely different way: all trading operations are carried out directly between trading participants, with individuals. A participant who wishes to purchase a particular currency places a sell order for another participant in the auction. Anyone who is satisfied with the conditions put forward buys this currency at the specified price.

For certain scenarios, a cryptocurrency exchange is indeed a very profitable option. Primarily for those ones when it comes to professional trading. But this method is not suitable for everyone. The exchange has many benefits for advanced users, those ones who plan to frequently exchange cryptocurrencies, but rarely deposit and withdraw funds.

Cryptocurrency exchange services offer a really good rate of cryptocurrencies when they buy them from people. Due to the fact that in this situation, there is strong competition between online services this leads to the fact that popular currencies can be bought through exchange services at the best rate. There are online exchanges that definitely deserve your attention not only in terms of simplicity, speed, convenience, but most importantly due to the benefits. Thus, if you are not going to trade and make money on the dynamics of rates, if you need to quickly and conveniently buy Bitcoin and sell Bitshares, then Godex crypto exchange service turns out to be a much more profitable option.

The main advantages of this service are the following:

  • A large number of exchange pairs.There are about 200 different cryptocurrencies to convert and no exchange limits.
  • Convenience and simplicity.Thanks to the BTS to BTC converter on Godex, exchanging cryptocurrency will not be difficult even for a beginner. The site is intuitive, there are explanations and a FAQ.
  • Fixed rate.Godex protects its users from unpredictable market volatility and fixes the rate from the beginning to the full completion of the transaction.
  • Anonymity. Almost all major exchanges now require verification by an identity document. Godex does not require any verifications.
  • Feedback. The technical support service responds promptly to any problems that arise 24/7.
  • Minimal commission.

But the final choice is always yours. Set clear goals and choose the right platform to achieve them.

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