Tips To Choose The Sunglasses For Women With Small Face

If your face is small, it can be difficult to shop for sunglasses. But the perfect pair is there, you just have to dig around a little. For an easier process, do some research. Now make a list of the best sunglasses for women with small face. There is variation in size among styles. Rely on customer reviews to verify their small face compatibility. Look for manufacturer descriptions noting a pair’s suitability for medium and small size faces.

If you don’t want the size to be the only qualification, also evaluate things like durability, visual clarity, UV protection, weight and scratch resistance. Considering these points, look at the following below –

Frames – Frames are normally made from plastic or Acetate. Both materials are good choices, Although Acetate tends to have greater glossiness and richer colour, plastic is more flexible, and tends to be best for sports and other high-impact activities.

Lens Material – Lenses are usually made from either glass or plastic. Polycarbonate lenses are more impact resistant and less likely to cause injury if you wear them during sports. They are also less scratch resistant and the usual clarity is not as crisp . Glass lenses are fully scratch proof and have better optical clarity. There are composite lenses also which are made with a lightweight blend of materials and they usually include polycarbonate.

UV Protection – When lenses are evaluated, UV protection is another big consideration. Polycarbonate is natural UV blocking, so it is the best option for bright sunny locations. Both glass and polycarbonate can be treated with coatings to block UV, so the former is not necessarily inferior in this regard.

Polarization and Mirrored Lenses – Most often confused, mirrored lenses and polarisation are actually two different things. Neither of the one blocks ultraviolet rays; they both reflect light away. Polarized lenses target glare, so they are usually ideal for water, snow or other reflective areas. Mirrored lenses are metallic coatings simply reflecting light. This makes it brighter for the person wearing them and reduces eye strain. With these qualities in mind, check the list for the best sunglasses for small faces. If you use prescription lenses, check out the company which can transform your regular sunglasses into prescription ones.

The Best Overall – There are some sunglasses which are specially designed to fit small faces. The frames are durable, tough, flexible and snap resistant and the polarized polycarbonate lenses give impressive optics with a mid-range price. When you wear them on water or snow, they reduce glare while they keep the colour transmission stellar. They are 100% UV protected and are available in different lens frame combinations.


The Best Budget Option – The best budget sunglasses have the optics that are quite as amazing as with the first pair, however with the price they remain some of the best budget sunglasses. They are built with strong, hand-polished cellulose Acetate frames, they are not prone to crack easily and they offer a decent amount of flexibility. The polarized lenses reduce the glamour as well as provide UV protection. They come in a variety of colours.



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