Tips to Generate More Leads on Your Site

These days, almost every brand has a fully functional website. Some marketers attract visitors with compelling design, while others offer products that speak for themselves. Unfortunately, these impeccable features won’t work until you optimize the site for the search engine. It would put your brand in front of audiences, improving visibility, clicks, and traffic. Therefore, learn about Google’s algorithms and ranking factors to secure your position on the top results.

In addition to boosting rankings, focus on lead generation. Any idea how the lead generation process works? Typically, it starts when a visitor clicks on call-to-action (CTAs), leading them to your site’s landing page. Here, the visitor fills out their contact information, and you generate a lead. At times, websites experience an influx of traffic but fail to generate any leads or conversions. Perhaps, because you target traffic with no purchase intent or maybe, the webpage doesn’t have enough CTA buttons.

After all, you can’t generate hefty profits by only tossing a ‘click here’ button on the homepage. Instead, you have to take a strategic approach that leaves a lasting impression on audiences. So, why not generate lead magnets? It offers people something in exchange for their contact information, increasing the lead prospects. If you are running short of ideas, have a look below. Here we are unfolding brilliant lead magnet ideas to generate more traffic on your site.


1. Offer Comprehensive eBooks

Usually, people wanting to learn about new things prefer eBooks over blog posts and articles. It gives in-depth information, covering the topic from tip to toe. If you have something interesting to talk about, sum it together in the eBook. However, instead of giving it for free, you can create a lead magnet. People who fill out their contact information will get free access to eBooks, which will generate leads and boost conversions.

Despite its great likelihood of leads, marketers don’t invest in this lead magnet. Some believe creating eBooks requires a lot of time and effort, while others don’t have the expertise. If you are experiencing similar problems, use Designrr lead magnet software and level up your marketing game. In addition to giving brilliant lead magnet ideas, it can generate eBooks in minutes, saving you from all the grunt work.

2. Give Access to Webinars

Are you selling to B2B prospects? Marketers often fall short of strategies when it comes to targeting B2B customers. Luckily, hosting webinars can help you sell to online B2B prospects, especially if you have an extensive sales cycle. You can bring together industry experts from all across the world and invite guests. It will let you sell to a diverse group of people without leaving the office. Are you wondering how it will generate leads? Well, instead of giving away the webinar’s link for free, ask for something in return. You can create a lead magnet and ask people to fill out contact details to attend the webinar, helping you generate leads.

3. Offer Free Shipping

Undoubtedly, shipping charges seem like an additional expense to online shoppers. As a result, many people abandon their shopping carts because they can’t afford the delivery charges. So, why not intrigue shoppers with free shipping? You can ask users to sign up for your newsletters with their emails and get free shipping on the first five orders. Alongside generating leads, it will significantly boost conversion rates, sales, and business profits.

4. Entertain Prospects with Videos

In today’s digital age, videos are the most popular form of content. According to Forrester Research, people are 75% more likely to watch videos than read articles and blogs. You can educate audiences, talk about trendy topics, or highlight your product features. If the video provides value and appeals to visitors, they won’t mind giving their contact information.

5. Create Online Quizzes

In the past few months, BuzzFeed quizzes have been in the limelight. People are taking up different kinds of quizzes to learn more about themselves. It boosts traffic and keeps the visitors coming back to the website, improving the SEO rankings. Fortunately, you can also use an online quiz to generate leads. Firstly, make sure your quiz is relevant to the target audience. If you own a restaurant chain, create a food-related quiz. Once visitors take the quiz, you can ask for their email address to send in the results. In addition to giving rich insights about consumer interest, it will drive up the conversion rates.

6. Host Giveaways

Unsurprisingly, giveaways bring a lot of value to the business. While you get to enjoy high engagement rates, it also boosts the chances of conversions. Likewise, people love to be a part of the giveaway because who doesn’t like free goodies? Visitors are also willing to like, share, and comment under the post for winning giveaways. But since you want to generate leads, ask them to drop their email address to participate in the giveaway. Besides posting on social media, reveal the giveaway on your webpage with the help of lead magnets.

7. Provide Free Trials & Product Demos

Are you selling software? Does your product have samples? Online shoppers don’t have the option to try or test the product. Everyone has to purchase products and services to see whether it fits their needs and interests. If you want to try something different, attract your customers with free trials and product demos. If you are selling software, offer a 3-day free trial in exchange for their email.

Similarly, you can give away product samples with every purchase if they sign up. Do you know the best part? If the customer doesn’t renew or purchase after a free trial, you can always reach them through emails.

8. Give Valuable Industry Insights

With rising economic uncertainties and tech innovations, the industries are changing rapidly. The Construction industry that was dependent on manual labor now uses savvy machinery and tools to perform operations. Similarly, the education sector has switched to eLearning. In all this hustle-bustle, people fail to recognize the significant changes that can impact their lives. Thus, if you can list down all these trends into a well-organized report, the prospect will be willing to take a look. It means you can use industry reports as a lead magnet on your website and generate leads.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, higher rankings can get you more traffic, but you have to put in a lot of effort to generate leads. Creating CTAs, high-quality content, and lead magnets – only a strategic and creative approach can encourage people to give out information. Above all, be thoughtful about the role your website plays in the lead generation process. You have to make sure the interface is easy to understand and inadequate navigation tools do not drive customers away.

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