Top 5 ways to be productive while working remotely

I recalled one of my friends telling me that travels so often because she is able to work remotely and I thought wow she’s so lucky… Well, fast forward 6 months, you know where the whole COVID-19 and the world shutting down thing happened and where I am sitting in my bed working remotely. 

So what is remote work?

Remote work is when you have the capabilities to do your job from anywhere around the world. Usually a laptop or desktop computer with a good internet connection is a pretty essential part of working remotely. Working remotely has been around for a while, but in our continuous development of technology working remotely has become almost as efficient as going into the office. You are able to have conferences via video conferencing services, which became even more popular when the social distancing guidelines came out restricting groups of over 10 being restricted. Now that almost all things are digital it’s so much easier accessing your files. Now the cons are that it could be a huge distraction. As being at home sometimes there is something going on all the time, you might find yourself getting distracted. That’s perfectly normal. It is important to try and find yourself a quiet space to work and when your mind wonders just try to get focused quickly. 

So how can we be productive?

Working from home can be so beneficial, look let’s face it. The amount of time your commute takes to and from work is precious time lost. We still have to make time for the gym, our families, and grocery shopping. But depending on your job there may be certains areas you can multitask in. For example, You will be able to do laundry, wash dishes, and do other lite work that is needed. Working remotely does not keep you hostage at your desk you have freedom to do more with your time. Below are some suggestions on how to be productive with working remotely.

    • Organization– Being organized will be a huge advantage for you while working remotely. You never know when someones going to ask you for something at the last minute. 
    • Social media timeout– We all know how distracting social media can be especially with all of our social media apps. It is recommended that you put it away for a little bit at least while you’re first starting to work remotely. We promise social media is not going anywhere.
    • Set times that you will take a break– No one expects you to sit at home from 9 to 5. The trick is as long as you’re being responsible with your time you can take breaks here and there. As long as your job doesn’t need you at that moment. But also helping you take care of life’s other tasks.
  • Go Comfortable- Unless required, go ahead and just throw on some comfortable pj’s and do your work. You do not need to get all dressed up just to sit in your living room.
  • Stay up to date– Make sure that you set your email notifications to show up on your computer and phone. Staying up to date will ensure that you don’t ever miss an important email or update at work.


Go into it with an open mind.

With the world in limbo right now we never know what is going to happen next. Working remotely may just be the new normal now. It definitely has its advantages for you are going to be saving so much money on gas. And you can make your lunch fresh from wherever you are. 

We know you’ll enjoy it at least a little bit. It really does feel nice to not have to go into the office everyday and sometimes it just nice to productively lounge around the house.

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