Tumblr Avatar Guide: All You Need to Know [2017]

We have known Tumblr to be one of the major blogging platforms that allows you to blog about yourself, your products, services, interests, and business. Each blog that you have formed on the dashboard will be associated with a Tumblr Avatar through which you can identify the blog’s identity and through which others can recognise you.

The Tumblr avatar is displayed on the blog itself, with the position depending on the theme that you have installed, currently. Most of the Tumblr users chose an avatar that reflects the content of their blogs as it represents your entire blog within the Dashboard where the layout is kept the minimum. The simple portraits of the people or the logos of your business work well when it comes to the identification.


Tumblr Avatar Guide 2017

tumblr avatar guide 2017

In this guide, I will tell you all about the Tumblr Avatar size, how to enlarge and view it, what kind of image will suit best for your Tumblr Icon and how to change Tumblr Avatar by following a step-by-step procedure.

What is Tumblr Avatar Size?

  • The image that you want to use for Tumblr Avatar can be of any dimension and any size as long the file size lesser than 10MB, and also it should a RGB image.
  • In order to maintain the quality of the image, resize your original image to 64*64 px before you try to upload it to the Tumblr and I would also suggest a 300*300 px image because some themes have a larger space for the icon.

Here is a useful answer from Quora about Tumblr Avatar,

The advantage of uploading a higher resolution is that this way you have the graphic ready for higher resolution screens and themes that display your avatar larger. Performance is not really an issue here considering internet speeds and the minimal file size difference, but perhaps it is better to stay under 600px, check the theme and Tumblr’s maximum size that could change over time.

When you will upload the desired image, no matter what the size of that image is, it will be resized to the standard dimensions that suits your Avatar. The background images of Tumblr are not dimension specific but are mostly bigger. The visitors will not be shown the distorted images even when viewed from the biggest screens and most of them are rectangular while the Tumblr Avatars are either square or in a circular shape.

Tumblr Icon Dimensions

To get the original dimensions of the image even after uploading it as the avatar, it is recommended to use a picture which is cropped in a square shape. If the original image is in a rectangular shape, it will automatically be cropped into a square after the upload. The closer you upload the image in accordance with the Tumblr standards, the less the image will be distorted by the Tumblr automation.

Here is a great article where you can check the RECOMMENDED Tumblr image sizes for all kind of Tumblr posts including: photo post, tall photo post, photo set, audio post, link post, text post and the avatar indeed.

How to Enlarge Tumblr Avatar

Sometimes, you might want to view and enlarge a particular Tumblr Avatar, the reason maybe anything. So here’s a quick solution on how to enlarge Tumblr icon so that you can easily download it as well.

Make sure you are using Google Chrome browser while doing the same,

  • Open the Tumblr profile whose Avatar you want to view and enlarge

  • Right click on the screen and click on “View Page Source” to open the html source page

  • Press Ctrl + F and search for “shortcut icon” and click on the link right next to the text (this will open the avatar in a new tab)

  • Once opened, just press ” Ctrl + ‘+’ ” again and again until you get the enlarged view as you wish to of that particular image

  • You can do this with any image you see on that particular Tumblr blog by even right-clicking and choosing “Open image in New Tab‘ option (see above image)

How to Change Your Tumblr Avatar

  1. Start with logging into tumblr.com using your credentials. Once you have logged in, you will be shown the dashboard that contains the recent posts from all the blogs that you have been following.
  2. Click the name of the specific blog for which you wanted to change the avatar. If you can’t see it on the screen, click on the list icon to see all the blogs that are created by you.
  3. Choose the blog and then access the ‘Blog Settings’ to see the options. If you already have an avatar uploaded, you can see it right next to the ‘Portrait Photo‘.
  4. Click on the “Choose File” text to upload the avatar image. A dialog box will appear which allows you to choose the picture by browsing through your computer. Select it and choose ‘Open’ to upload the picture.
  5. As it is uploaded, click the ‘Save‘ button at the bottom of the screen to confirm the Tumblr Avatar and you can now see your new avatar on the blog.

You can watch the video below if you are stuck while performing any of the above steps or you can also reach me out by commenting.

Wrap Up!

That’s all I have to share about the Tumblr Avatar, I look forward to your comments and questions if you have any. Your feedback will help me to include any other guides which you think might help you. Do share this guide with your friends as a vote of thanks to me, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Cheers guys!

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