Is TutuApp Safe & Legal? [Review]

If you know Tutuapp, then you are probably an active Pokemon Go player. There were millions who used Tutuapp for teleporting to a different location (literally anywhere around the world) to find new Pokemon and explore new Gyms. Tutuapp is a very popular Google Play Store alternative that is widely used in China. Last year, when Pokemon Go was launched, this app became very popular in other parts of the world as well since it provided a modded version of Pokemon Go which allowed people to move around without leaving their homes. But is Tutuapp safe to use?

Malware and viruses can attack and hurt your phone’s performance. There are many ways your phone can be infected by them and one of them is by installing third party applications. It is really important to keep your smartphone safe from such apps. In this Tutuapp review, we will know it inside out and also how risky it is to use. We will find out If it’s legal to download and play different modded games from this app.


TutuApp Review

It is originally developed in Mandarin and an English version (Tutu Helper) was released later on due to the huge demand. People see it as one of the best alternatives to the Play Store since it provides many premium apps for free as well.

It’s available for both Android and iOS platforms. With a collections of tons of apps, games and more, Tutuapp is an amazing next-gen App Store for Android. Let us have a look at some of it’s features now.

  • Download Paid Apps & Games: It offers thousands of premium apps and modded games totally for free of cost
  • Cleans Up Memory: Tutuapp has an in-built feature that allows you to free your RAM or internal memory (so you don’t need apps like Clean Master etc.)
  • Works as File Manager: You can manage all your files and downloads right from this app as it allows to access the manage and transfer data
  • No Root or Jailbreak Necessary: It can be installed on your Android smartphone or iPhone in seconds. You don’t need any illegal hardware customisations
  • Beautiful UI & UX: This aspect always is considered when we talk about a good app and TutuApp wins here as well, since the users love spending time on the app

Is Tutuapp Safe & Legal to Use: Risks

Is Tutuapp Malware? How safe is Tutuapp? All these questions will be answered in this section based upon the user opinions, my research and personal experience.

Download from a Trusted Source

Now there are many speculations already which you will find on the Internet, but to be honest it all depends. It might sound vague but here’s the deal; since you need to download Tutuapp externally, there is no guarantee that the code has been altered and malware has been injected or not. This means that if you download it from a reliable or reputed source, then you might be lucky to have a virus free app.

Irrelevant Permissions

Another angle is the software access that Tutuapp demands on your system. It is weird that when you download Pokemon Go from it, it demands permissions to make calls, read/send SMS or access the call logs. Why would the app need these functionalities? It’s surprising, though there have been no reports till date of any suspicious activity by the app related to these permissions.

So these both are the main concerns which you should keep in mind. Another risk which you might be taking is using your main account while playing Pokemon Go. Niantic bans the accounts permanently if they find out your cheating, so better to use a fake account if using Tutuapp.


Based on the statistics and user opinions, we can conclude that it’s a 70-30 safe situation. Since there are no harms reported as of now by anyone, I think it’s pretty safe to use it.

Though, I always recommend you to NOT trust such 3rd-party apps. If you choose to use them then keep a regular check on the system performance as well as keep a random schedule to install/uninstall it. Ultimately, it all comes down to you willing to take the risk or not.

So the next time someone asks you, Is Tutuapp safe? I hope you will share this post with them to make sure they know the potential risks and the precautions they should take before using it. Comment below your queries if any and thanks for reading.

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