How to Make a Tycoon in Roblox [GUIDE]

Do you want to learn how to make a Tycoon in ROBLOX? Here’s a step by step guide on creating a Tycoon game in Roblox.

Gaming maniacs can go to any extent to have their space for fun and entertainment. ROBLOX is a platform that makes life pretty interesting and amazing for the game freaks.

It allows you to create building units using bricks and even gives access to user-generated buildings that the players can use to design their worlds. Not every game can have places of your choice at the background. ROBOLX makes this possible for you as it is an online platform or a playground for design that can help the game lovers design their choice of interactive places as well as games for free.

Yes, that is true without paying a penny, you can do this. Now, you must be curious to know how. Well, the platform has a user interface that allows you to choose building type by selecting bricks and this is done by Lua. Lua is nothing but a scripting language for making this creation of place possible for online game players.

If you have played Sim City, ROBLOX lets you create your customized environment just like that. A game of Tycoon is not as easy as it seems but one hour is enough for finishing a game. For those who want to know the process, that is covered below.


What is a Tycoon in Roblox?

A Tycoon is a specific type of game which you can build on ROBLOX. Players get to build their own base, setup a company or business and based on their skills they upgrade and use the cash to expand their tycoon by building more structures and buying items.

The basics in a ROBLOX tycoon include a machinery (called dropper) that produces bricks, manual labor (such as mining tycoons) and auto cash which is automatically delivered to the player.

How to Make a Tycoon in Roblox (Steps)

Step one: You need to open the ROBLOX studio to begin with the process.

Step two: You will see “Insert Tab”. Click on that and then on “Tools”. You will be taken to tools panel.

Step three: Now, you need to click on “Categories List” which will show you a list of all the categories available. You need to scroll through to find “faceplates”. For starting with any game, you will need this basic terrain.

Step four: Once again, you should click on “Tycoon Start Kits”. Choose the thumbnail you want to proceed. Once chose, the selected one will show up on World viewer.

Step five: Go back to tool panel once again to choose a category. You should choose the one that you would like the tycoon factory to make for you. A game of tycoon is a task that you need to accomplish to earn money and buy things you want. If you have to choose brick, click on the world viewer and rename the object in the properties panel. You can name it just the way it is called for ease of use.

Step six: Now, click on the “Insert tab” to choose “Explorer”. You will see Workspace. Click on that to find all the items. On the button object which will be available on tycoon starter kit. You need to right click there and select “Copy”. Now either manually or pressing CTRL V, paste the item selected for others to buy from the workspace.

Step seven: You should drag the object you have selected in the kit folder of tycoon starter in the explorer. This action is required to let factory produce the object named by you.

Step eight: Remember the tycoon button that you had copied. You need to rename that. For example, you can rename it as “Buy one brick for X points”.

Step nine: The copied folder of tycoon button will have a “Script” tag which you need to double click. This will allow you to govern all the functions of the button by opening scripts for you.

Step ten: The top code line needs to be changed. The line of code defines the model produced by the button on being pressed. Suppose, you want to change the name to X. You need to delete the word “Upgrader”. You should also change the cost of the item. You can change it to 100 in this case. In case, you want to sell it for free, you can type “0”.

Step eleven: Now, you are almost close to the process. You should drag the button. It should be dragged to the tycoon starter kit folder. This will be in the explorer.

The final step: Following the same process, you need to create different buttons so that other players can buy in order for you to complete the game easily.

Do check out the below video for better explanation.


So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed the guide and were able to create and play your own Tycoon game in ROBLOX.

The game finally ends when the player purchases the last upgrade. The last upgrade that can be bought by the player is usually a very expensive statue or object. Though the game continues until the player leaves. Sometimes the player even receives a badge on completing the game.

Go create a Tycoon in ROBLOX and start playing right away!

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