What are the best VPNs for Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers in the world right now. There are millions of users on it. In fact, the numbers are growing at a dramatic pace. Even though it is considered one of the best web browsers, there are few shortcomings that the user needs to take into account.

No browser out there is perfect. It always takes some additional effort and money to get extra security and privacy on the online platform. This is where VPNs come into play.

Here are some of the best VPN for Chrome that can be utilized:


1. Express VPN

This is clearly the top choice of all the users in the market. This is due to the excellent security, privacy and user-friendliness of the extension. The connection speeds with this VPN are fast and stable. Moreover, you can easily handle streaming from all the major online video websites. This VPN has over 160 locations and 3000 servers. This gives the user a huge amount of choice to choose from. However, it is slightly more expensive than other VPNs.

2. Nord VPN

This is another popular VPN in the market. It offers one of the best encryption which is tantamount of a military grade security. This VPN is ideal for protecting your privacy and security. You can even disable WebRTC from the browser in order to get an additional layer of security. There is also a feature that would enable the user to block ads and malware. The subscription allows over 6 simultaneous device connections which is an additional benefit.

3. Cyber Ghost

This is another extension that can be used alongside the VPN application for better privacy and security. When it comes to CyberGhost VPN, it does a perfect job of privacy protection masking your IP address all the time. For users who want to stream block content according to geographical location, this is one of the best places to go to. The user feedback is highly positive when it comes to this VPN.

4. Surf Shark

This is one of the newest VPN providers but has made it to the list very quickly. This is due to the high quality service it provides. Your privacy and security is completely secured along with good streaming capabilities. There are over 800 servers in more than 45 countries. This provides a reasonable amount of choice. One of the best features provided by this VPN is that unlimited number of simultaneous connections can be made.

5. Safer VPN

The final VPN on the list is Safer VPN. One of the reasons it is one the list is that it is pretty much simple to use and set up. It enables the user to access geo-restricted content and bypass the censorship. To ensure that your IP address is always open, an option of DNS leak protection is also available. Even the Internet Service Provider cannot see the online activity that is taking place on your computer.

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