What Is The Best Tool For Drip Campaigns?

Sending emails to clients, subscribers, leads, and customers might take you forever and a day. Which is why marketers and sales managers have already started using automation tools. These tools help you create an email sequence and forget about manual work.

The market is full of automation tools and it might be a challenge for a fresher to choose the best one.

We’re reviewing the service called Snov.io that provides users with drip campaigns tool and allows users to set up and run automated email campaigns in a super efficient manner. The team also offers a variety of tools that can be used to promote their business. With the set of tools, you can find leads’ email addresses, check them, send emails automatically, and track the emails performance.


What are drip email campaigns?

Drip emails are the emails that are sent out to customers regularly to keep them updated and interested in all the things you are offering and sharing relevant information with them. Drip emails allow users to keep the interaction levels high and also gain new customers and nurture them.

Every drip campaign is based on schedules, triggers, and delays. Triggers are the pre-defined actions that activate the next email sequence.

Features of Snov.io

We won’t go into the details of Snov.io Email Finder or Email Verifier, we’ve got to concentrate on drip emails only. Let’s now take a deeper look at the features that Snov.io has incorporated into their product.


Snov.io allows users to schedule their emails down to the last minute. You will have full control of the email sequences. Do the leads live in the UK? Thant’s OK. In Japan? Not a problem. In the USA? Great! Split all the leads into groups according to their preferences and needs on the one hand and into groups according to the location they live in on the other hand. Yes, you might get dozens of lists. But thanks to this feature, you can send emails to people when they are more likely to open the emails, thus every email will be highly-targeted.

Schedule every campaign, save the templates, and get ready to reap the fruits of every campaign!

Use triggers so that every email is sent depending upon the action the user performs. If they open the email within the set period of time, the next email will land in the Inbox folder. Haven’t clicked the link? Another email with a brighter СТА will be sent to them.

The emails won’t be sent randomly to leads, only actions define everything.

Email templates

Facing a creative block is nothing new. Everyone goes through it at times. And if you find yourself backed up against the wall while composing business emails to send out to customers, you can go through the multiple templates that are saved, and choose one that suits your needs best.

You can also use these templates to set up the different emails that need to be sent out throughout the day, just select a template and edit it the way you want and you have the perfect email ready!

In-depth stats

You can use Snov.io to also look at some really detailed statistics like the clicks and opens. You can also set goals for yourself and see which customers meet the aim and which ones don’t.

All this being said and done, let’s now take a look at a brief tutorial we have put together for users who wish to set up their first email drip campaign.

How to set up a drip campaign using Snov.io

Snov.io allows users to set up email drip campaigns in the blink of the eye. You can get everything together i.e. the email list and then create a workflow that the drip campaign will follow, we’ll now look to elaborate on these steps a little more.

Step 1: Set up the email lists

It is really quick and easy to set up the email lists on Snov.io, you can simply import the CSV files or create your own one with Snov.io Email Finder.

Step 2: Get the flowcharts ready!

Snov.io does things in a very different fashion when it comes to setting how you want the campaign to work. Add the necessary elements, compose every email, personalize the email body as well as the subject line, set triggers and delays, click the Start button, and voila!

Final thoughts

We would like to recommend Snov.io to everyone who is interested in running drip email campaigns for their business. It is quick, easy-to-use, and efficient. The platform is a great solution for small business as their pricing plans are really affordable. By the way, other tools provided by Snov.io are really amazing, too.

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