What Kind of Insurance Does Employers Offer?

If you own and operate any type of small to medium-sized business in America, then you likely have multiple insurance concerns. When it comes to worker’s compensation insurance, look no further than Employers Insurance.

Employers Insurance has been providing the most reliable, efficient, and compassionate worker’s compensation insurance to small and medium-sized businesses in over 46 states for more than 100 years. We help keep America’s businesses running smoothly and operating safely.


Single Insurance Product

Some companies offer multiple products, but Employers Insurance offers only one thing, worker’s compensation insurance. We offer a single product, so we are able to focus on perfecting the product we offer for America’s businesses.

We understand that America’s small and medium-sized businesses keep the economy going strong, so we streamline the worker’s compensation process to help keep things moving. Workplace injuries shouldn’t happen, but if they do, Employers Insurance is there to help.

Efficient Claims Process

Since we focus on perfecting the product we offer, Employers Insurance uses technology to ensure a fast, efficient claims process. We use advanced technology and highly trained, compassionate staff to ensure the claims process is as quick and smooth as possible. We work closely with everyone involved in the claim, including the injured employee and the treating physician, to ensure the highest quality, cost-effective care possible.

Unfortunately, employers don’t have a lot of disposable time to dedicate to extra paperwork. Employers Insurance understands the impact of on-the-job injuries, and we do our best to reduce that impact. We help keep America’s workplaces safer by streamlining the claims process to make it the most efficient it can be.

Service and Reliability

Employers Insurance offers quick quotes and superior customer service, including superior service throughout the claims process. Our Managed Care Team works alongside medical staff and injured employees to ensure the highest quality, cost-effective care available.

We have the competitive advantage of only offering worker’s compensation insurance, so we can offer the most effective and efficient process in the industry. America’s small and medium-sized businesses need worker’s compensation insurance, and we offer a variety of services designed to keep premiums lower. Our service and reliability are unparalleled in the industry.

Additional Services

Employers Insurance is America’s small business worker’s compensation insurance provider and specialist. Since that’s all we do, we are able to provide additional services that make our worker’s compensation insurance exceptional and keep premiums lower.

We have a Claims Management team to ensure worker’s compensation claims are processed quickly and smoothly so injured workers get the medical care they need. We also have an Anti-Fraud team to discourage unscrupulous individuals from committing insurance fraud which steals from us and from policyholders. These are some of the extras that set Employer’s Insurance above others.

Employers Insurance Supports America’s Small Businesses

We offer competitive pricing and fast, easy quotes. Our experienced agents are compassionate and supportive, helping employers and employees all the way through the claims process. Our Managed Care Team works closely with medical providers to ensure injured employees get the care they need quickly and as affordably as possible. We use technology to ensure the claims process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Employers Insurance supports America’s small businesses by providing the best worker’s compensation insurance in the industry.

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