What Motherboard should I get for Gaming? [Complete Guide]

When it comes to building a proper Pc, the choices and probabilities have increased to such an extent in our times and there is a whole new ground for debates. Basically, you can’t run your PC without the source which allows you to run your task at the time you desire. It serves as the main hub of your gaming rig, which carries many important elements of the PC. Think of it as a computer ‘brain’, with so many limbs attached to it like memory, and the execution of other small peripherals and gadgets.

Many PC gamers do a lot of research to find a motherboard that can have a positive effect on the game. It is none other than 3D games that are very demanding and use a multi-frame asset. By the time we get the gaming motherboard, we need to look at a few things. It is fair to say that everything is easy with the right equipment, and the same can be said of PC performance. It’s easy to finish and play the game if your PC runs at high speed, without any latency and lag. The gaming best motherboards for ryzen 5 3600 are in high demand.

What things we should consider in a Motherboard?

Price Range

Most gaming motherboards run from $ 100 to $ 200 on average, so it’s not bad. And if you already build your PC, you should invest in its performance. So your consideration matters what you want, and what is your Budget. At the same time, many renowned motherboard makers have made a lot of easy-to-understand comparisons to ask about their stuff. Popular brands like Intel, ASUS and GIGABYTE and so on, for the most part, will offer heavy jumpers, BIOS settings combined with certain override programs, which make your overrides and overclocking more straightforward. We have selected Gigabyte Motherboards limited here for pc players because of its durability and long term use.

DIMM Slots (RAM Slots)

it is important to choose DRAM that meets your style of play, an abundance of applications, and your needs. While there is standard PC DRAM at a less price, but it is not designed for games and will not be able to do the job that efficiently. We consider ballistic offer high performance DRAM built specifically for games, for example, but there are many options like Corsair and XPG etc.


PCIe ports add so much power to your PC that you might want a lot of them. It splits your rig and allows you to extend the variety of power. The ATX PCIe can handle multiple PCIe, coming in at 7.M Micro-ATX comes second with about 4, and Day comes at the end of the 1 PCIe standard. The more PCIe express slots you have the more graphics card you can pair up to empower the graphics processing of your PC.

Storage Support

If you’re like me, you want to integrate everything I download into my PC. Downloading games mostly fills your storage faster than you can say ‘Steam Sales!’. For PCs like gaming laptops, it’s easy to press the limit very quickly. Therefore, if you are in the motherboard market, choose the one that has the most storage for the purpose for which it is used. If you continue to buy games with Steam, turn on the live lights from your favourite games, etc., and go with the heavy motherboards that can handle all multimedia.

GPU Compatibility

To determine how long your drawing card can be, measure it from the extensions of your case to any part that can block the graphics card on the other side. It doesn’t matter if they are drive bays, fans, or the front of the case – just measure next to your original PCIe x16 slot (closest to the CPU cooler), as that’s where your graphics card should go. And notice when PEG connectors are available on any GPU you purchase. Most cards have a top, but some (e.g., RTX 2060 Founders Edition of Nvidia) have a cool backplate.

The tight fit behind your GPU can make it difficult to connect chords. The bottleneck in most cases is not the standard PCIe 2.0. Instead, it is an older CPU, integrated with any less powerful GPU. But it works! We’ve tried it and I can confirm that our 11-year-old PC fully sees and supports Nvidia and AMD’s latest and greatest GPUs. How fast will the RTX 2080 Ti be compared to the old PC compared to the new PC with the Core i9-9900K? We haven’t made detailed benches, but depending on the game, the Core i9-9900K can be twice as fast as the old Core i7-965 (1st generation), and triple in speed like the AMD A10-7890K.

If you have a very old PC, anything that only supports the PCIe 1.x standard, it’s probably better to look at a full PC replacement than just upgrade your graphics card. Having a connector available on the motherboard is simply the first measurement requirement that you should consider before purchasing a new card. It should also be physically balanced within the case and next to other pre-existing items on the motherboard. A small computer case may not be able to insert a large card. In some cases, you may need to change the BIOS, which represents the Basic Input / Output System, before accepting a new card.

CPU Compatibility

CPU which is the unit and the whole who run the current system is to be noted that how much power of motherboards it can bear. This is okay, but at the end of the day, you need to check and see if all the parts fit together. This means you have to choose a motherboard that works with your CPU. If you do not, your construction and purchase can be very disrupted by the best thing you can check

Processor Guide

First of all, it doesn’t matter how fast your new CPU is if you can’t install it in the first place. With the advancement of technology (especially computer hardware), the latest CPUs will not always work with motherboards from the last 4 years – no matter how good they were at the time. The number of cores increases and the clock speed changes. While Intel’s recent move in their tick release cycle will help increase this compliance for another generation, it is still under temporary scrutiny.

Sooner or later, the development of a motherboard will be important. And for AMD users, all of their new Ryzen 5 pieces will probably give birth to a whole new generation of cute motherboards, so there’s more reason to go with something new. New games are constantly being developed around the latest CPU technology, so choosing a modern motherboard now will pay off for years to come.

However, we have seen how quickly these positions change with the introduction of platform issues. Excessive amounts reduce the effect on large genes, but never completely eliminate it. In general, Nvidia’s GeForce solutions are less forgiving than AMD’s offerings in terms of processor requirements, which have the potential for high reliability. While the Radeon RX Vega offers higher performance than the GeForce GTX Pascal GPUs in less price, the two often share almost identical measurement curves. The same can be said for the upcoming Radeon Big Navi and GeForce RTX2nd generation single-GPU cards. Finally, the Radeon HD 7770 is also clear as an attractive solution for those working with older / slower processors.

Gone are the days when the Core 2 Duo with a high clock ruled the world of gaming processors. But overall, the E8400 is still holding on, even in games that are thought to be well-installed. With a third of the L2 repository and a clock speed of fewer than 500 MHz, the Pentium E6300 has introduced the acceptable performance of such a budget processor, but we can’t feel disappointed how often it restricts high-end cards. We are eager to see how good the AMD processors are when you compare them.

Certainly, there is still good evidence to support a quad-core gaming processor, and the advanced Core i5 and i7 have proven all to offer the highest level of performance and the most breathable room for dual-GPU graphics cards. We hope you enjoyed this first look at the overcrowding. Next, in section 4, we’ll take out the core speed of our AMD processors and see how well they fit into the Intel chips introduced today.

Our recommendations

As we discuss earlier there are many brands of different features and compatibilities, the latest brands like Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS, and ASROCK whose market value is very good at the present era. Whether you’re planning your next build or upgrading your current PC, understanding the components of your motherboard is essential. Once you know everything you are doing, you will know how to choose a motherboard that fits your design. There are no real surprises in our collection of graphics card numbers paired with a skid quad-core processor skipped.

If you want to build a 9th generation Intel builds, then go for Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi. It packs all the OC potential and attractive features that can harness any Core i7 and Core i9 processor. But if you are in for entry-level gaming, then H310 chipset gaming motherboard with any Core i3 9th gen CPU can be good for you.

For Ryzen gang, we solitarily recommend MSI B450 Tomahawk for its price and extended CPU support from Ryzen 2nd gen to Ryzen 4th gen with same traditional AM4 Socket. For high-end Ryzen CPUs like Ryzen 9 3900X, we recommend any X570 chipset motherboard to squeeze out the full potential of the beasty chip.


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