What types of paints will be cost effective for you?

Every once in a while, many homeowners decide to paint their home. Whether it is walls, cabinets, furnishings or trim, a good quality paint is essential in order to achieve good results. There are so many types of paints offered at different shops such as malerkanonen.dk that it makes the process of choosing a paint difficult.

Buying the wrong paints can have a huge negative impact on the durability and speed of the paint job. Furthermore, painting a house or a building can be quite expensive, and not all people can afford it. One of the best ways to reduce the cost for this job is by purchasing cost effective paints. Therefore, here are some types of paints that will be cost effective for you:

  1. Eggshell paints

The paint is mildly dew is fade resistant, which means neither direct sunlight nor bacteria can damage this type of paint. Eggshell paints are a well-known paint finish. They are more durable compared to the flat paints but not more durable than gloss or satin paints. As the name suggests, these paints have a delicate low sheen just like the delicacy of an eggshell. Moreover, these paints are perfect for places with medium traffic such as hallways and living rooms.

  1. Flat paints

Flat paints are also known as matte paints. This paint has the least amount of shine in it and provide the most coverage compared to any other paints. Furthermore, it also requires less coats for covering imperfections such as nail holes. Flat paints are the least durable compared to other paints and can be damaged pretty easily, making them best use for areas with low traffic such as dining rooms, or where they cannot be touched as much such as the ceilings.

  1. Satin paints

This type of paint is one of the most common paint finishes over the globe. Satin paints are easier to clean than eggshell and flat paints, and have a velvety sheen, making them the perfect choice for high-traffic areas such as playrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchen. However, using a satin paint also has a down side. The sheen of the satin paint is more likely to reveal the brush strokes, making touch-ups difficult to do.

  1. Semi-gloss paints

Semi-gloss paints are extremely mildew-resistant and durable. Additionally, they shine and reflect a lot. These features of the semi-gloss paint make it the right choice to be used in rooms that get a lot of moisture or wear and tear such as kitchens, bathrooms and kids’ rooms. However, they can’t cover imperfections that much compared to shiny paints.

  1. High-gloss paints

Last but not the least, high-gloss paints are one of most highly durable, washable and even shiniest paints. As a result, they are able to handle daily scrubbing. High-gloss paints can be used not only as an interior paint but also as an exterior paint. However, it may not cover imperfections as much.

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