What You Should Know Before You Setup Your Projector For Outdoor Use

Sometimes the weather may be so humid inside the house and you want to stay outdoors in your backyard. However, you do not want to miss the big game or better yet, you just want to watch a great movie with the breeze slapping on your face. Yes, you need a projector.

You do not need an absolutely dark room to watch a movie in this age. All you need is a projector with 5,000 ANSI lumens or more. With this, you could well be halfway through your outdoor movie experience.

But first, here is a list of what you need to know before you set up your projector for outdoor use.


Get the right projector.

The top priority is to get a projector capable of handling the task you want to accomplish. If it is at night, then you could simply set up a short throw projector outdoors and voila! However, if you are the daring type, and you just can’t wait till it is dark, you could explore the higher-lumen projectors like the Ultra-bright full HD 1080 Optoma EH515 projector to give you clear images even in the glaring midday sun.

Find the best location

Even if it means relocating a few portable plants here and there in your backyard, it would do you more justice in the long run. The projector should be placed in a position where there is no direct sunlight; neither should the viewers strain to watch from the screen. This way, the quality of images and the whole viewing experience is enhanced.

Observe the weather

Even before you actively begin looking for the output cables, video sources and popcorns, you get reliable information on the weather pattern. Doing so eliminates the anxiety about weather changes or even the rush to break down the equipment in the middle of a movie.

Because electronics and extreme weather are not particularly bosom friends, you may not want to be caught up in a downpour with all your electronics outside.

Choice of media player

The source of your video is of great importance. This is because it not only determines the quality of the video you watch but also the type of projector you use. When going for a more wireless media player, the current projectors would be ideal. However, Blu-ray and DVD players would require an HDMI connection. Your choice video source could alternatively be the laptop as it offers flexibility to select files from YouTube, Netflix and the hard drive.

Matching sound

Getting the screen and projector set up is only half the journey. A weak sound system is a definite killjoy. Once you decide to go big, ensure you connect a great sound system so that all the punchlines and jokes in the movie become more prominent and memorable.

Choice of screen

Depending on the nature of that particular occasion and the type of guests who may be coming over, you may go for an inflatable screen, a standard screen or even the side of your house. As long as there is no much direct sunlight, the projector should serve you just fine.

The seating should be structured so that any guests walking to the washrooms are not tripped by the cables that connect the video source to the projector or even the laptop charger.

Having a huge screen outdoors may be what you exactly need to entertain your guests for an unforgettable experience. However, if you carefully consider the type of projector, video source, time of the day and the weather, your party should proceed as intended.


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