Who has the cheapest car insurance

The need to buy a car is important, but it is more important to find how to avoid the liabilities that come with owning a car. A car can be a good thing as it will help you ease movement from one spot to another. However, in the event of an accident, a car can be a terrible liability, especially when you have to cover the vehicle repair, property repair, and medical cost. This is why you need an auto insurance company that can help reduce or completely cover these costs. 

To get an auto insurance company, you need to find the best and cheapest area. You do not want to be paying a massive annual premium, only to find out that there is a cheaper option around your locality. This is why we have compiled the best and cheapest car insurance companies.

Best Car Insurance WSA

If you are considering the overall best car insurance company, then Best Car Insurance WSA is the top choice. This is because the auto insurance company offers the best and cheapest services all over the US. Taking the customer service reviews, coverage options, price of policies, and financial strength into consideration, we realized the Best Car Insurance WSA beats its peers. The cheap annual premium and the best customer reviews are the reasons the company deserves the best car insurance wsa tag.


USAA is another cheap auto insurance option for those looking for the best and cheapest. A result of several driver analysis shows that this company also offers a low representative rate. The car owner only has to pay less than $1000 per year. This is cheap enough when compared with the others in its category. However, this option is only best for those who, for one reason or the other, cannot opt for the Best Car Insurance WSA option.


Geico is another auto insurance company that deserves to be on top of the chart. This is because of the low study rate it offers for every driver profile. This study rate will save several drivers hundreds of dollars compared with the other options in the same category as Geico. The company also offers a representative rate of $1,168, which might seem high at first glance, but it is still way cheaper when compared with the national average.


State Farm stands out as one of the cheapest auto insurance companies for profiles with a DUI. The rate is lower than that of Geico and USAA. The annual representative rate state farm offers is also cheap, when compared with the national average. This representative rate is an average of $1,234. State Farm can also be a good option for profiles with less-than-stellar driving options.


Travellers is an all-time average company. Although the representative premium and rates are somehow higher than the listed auto insurance companies listed above, it still offers lower rates than the national average. The driver profiles of Travelers are lower across the board. This means the gender, age, credit score, driving history, and other metrics that are considered do not affect the rate Travelers offer their customers. 


Progressive is another great option for driver profile with DUI as it offers one of the lowest rates among the automobile companies. However, for a profile with an accident, Progressive might not be the best option because it offers one of the most expensive rates. Notwithstanding, the representative rate of progressive is cheaper than the national average, with a value of $1,373.


American Family is the last in the categories of auto insurance companies with rates lower than the national average. With this in mind, this company might be the best option for those driver profiles in various categories as it offers a relatively cheaper price when compared with the other options. The only driver profile that stands American Family out of the pack is those with a poor driving history. This is because it offers the lowest rate in the auto insurance market.


Farmers can only be considered by drivers or car owners who have reasons not to select the sets listed above. This is because the company offers an annual insurance rate that is higher than the national average. However, based on positive customer reviews, it still makes it to the list and can still be considered by car owners with various driver profiles.


Nationwide is another long-standing auto insurance company. The fact that the insurance company has existed for a long time is why most drivers still prefer it. The annual premium price of the company has increased over the years, and at the moment, the rate is about $400 higher than the national average. 25-year-old driver profiles and those with  DUI can also consider this option; however, this is after choosing the first set of options listed above with cheaper offerings.

The findings above are from the analysis of various reports of different states across the country. For instance, Geico and State Farm are based on market analysis from 50 states, including the District of Columbia. The information given about USAA is from a report of 48 states. Progressive data collection was obtained from 47 states, Nationwide from 43, and Farmers from 31 and Travelers, 24.

However, our overall analysis shows the best car insurance WSA to be the most accepted and cheapest option for all driver profiles. It also offers a cheaper premium option with the best customer reviews in various states, but you can also consider examples like bundling home and car insurance Colorado.



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