Why Learning the Piano Might Just be What Your Child Needs

Music is one the most beautiful and special things in our lives. It’s something that can touch each and every person in a different way, and one of the rare things where language, religion or culture are irrelevant when it comes to enjoying it.

Music is food for the soul, and is something that can take us on a journey to some place far away, escaping our often-mundane reality. Music is an important part of many people’s lives. Whether you enjoy playing and making music, or simply listening to it, it is something that would make the world a far emptier place if it did not exist.


Teaching children about music

We are first introduced to the concept of music as children. Lots of parents like to sing and lullaby their babies to sleep, and this is usually our first connection with music and song. During their early years, most infants will make their own music – usually by banging something on the floor or table. 

It is an important instrument (no pun intended) in our development and growth, and something that should be encouraged wherever possible.

Benefits of learning to play music as a child

Learning music as a child can help with patience and perseverance. Many children want things instantly, but with all aspects of learning, it takes time, and music is a great tool to help youngsters understand that somethings need practice and time. There are lots of places where children can learn musical instruments, such as the lvlmusicacademy that offers a great range of lessons.

Another benefit of learning music is that it promotes creativity. Some kids like to draw and paint, others like to build Lego models, while some like to sing and dance. Every child has a creative side, and music is one way in which they can express their creativity.

One final benefit worth mentioning is that learning a musical instrument can help improve your memory. There have been various studies that have shown that kids who have been musically trained have a much better memory and recall than those who haven’t been taught to play music. Another study compared the brains of musicians and non-musicians and found that those who were either professional or amateur musicians had an increase in their brains grey matter than those who had no musical training. 

Learning the piano

There are lots of different instruments that are ideal to learn when starting out with music. These range from flute, classical guitar, violin and piano. The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments to learn, and also one of the more difficult.

It takes a lot of time, practice and patience to learn to play the piano. It’s an instrument that requires a lot of dedication to learn, which is why it might not always be the best option for every child. There are a number of reasons why learning the piano is a great choice, and in this article we will take a look at some of them.

Help improve concentration and focus

As mentioned earlier, learning any type of musical instrument is going to require concentration. This is especially true when it comes to learning the piano. It helps to improve the speed with which we think, so that the mind and the hand movements are working together as one. Playing the piano requires many skills being used all at once, and over time, they will have really improved their levels of concentration.

When learning to play the piano, staying focused on what you are doing is a very important skill. In fact, scientists have studied the brains of musicians and have found that when they are playing, their brain is going through the equivalent of a complete body workout. 

Increase in memory capacity

Learning to play any type of instrument will have a positive effect on your memory function, and the piano is no different. Over time, musical students will begin to memorize certain parts of a piece of music, without the need to read the notes from the music sheet. 

In youngsters, this is particularly important in their development, as skills such as short and long-term memory function are ones that will be helpful throughout their life. A number of studies have been carried out which have shown that people who have played music throughout their life have been able to avoid developing problems with their memory and brain function.

Helps with motor skill dexterity

The piano is one of the instruments that requires a great deal for finger movement and management, with both hands working separately to each other, performing different movements and functions. 

Being able to achieve the required dual hand capability to play the piano is a difficult skill to gain, though it can be achieved through practice and perseverance. In addition to the hand and finger movements, the piano also requires foot movement as well on the pedals.

Helps with anxiety and stress

Children can go through a lot of stressful times. They are at school everyday. They often take part in after school activities and always have homework that needs to be completed. If you add up all of these elements, you can quickly begin to see why many children suffer from anxiety and stress.

Playing a musical instrument such as the piano can help reduce the levels of stress and can completely change the mood of a child. In fact, adults who play the piano are equally able to lower their levels of anxiety, and it can also help if they suffer from depression. Music is very powerful, and is something that can affect a whole range of emotions.

Some final thoughts

If your child has shown interest in learning a music instrument, then it’s something that you as a parent should greatly encourage. It can help their development on so many levels, and also offer an escape from their day to day grind at school.

There are lots of professional piano teachers who offer lessons for all levels of students. Many will offer a free introduction lesson, so you have the perfect opportunity to see if your child has any interest in learning this truly unique and majestic instrument. They may not become the next Mozart, but at least they will have a great time learning.

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