Wrap Around Labels: The Easiest and Most Effective Identification Aid Of Its Pack

Of all types of identification techniques, wrap around labels are the most diverse. You’d find them in almost all fields. Be it health, engineering, even the food industry: these tags make inventory management easy and branding even more comfortable.

Besides the comfort and aesthetics, why should you stick to wrap around tags for your identification needs?


3 Outstanding Features Of Wrap Around Labels

They are Multifunctional

Let’s use the engineering industry as an example. Wrap around tags helps you to package your cables. If you ask around, experts would even tell you they are the best fit for wires with varying diameters.

Regardless of the diameters of your wires,  these aids make your electrical unit stay organized. As such, solving faults in the units becomes easy as you can sort and trace the faulty cables.

Another function that these tags perform is providing instructional aids. Unlike other labels, wrap-around has more space to fit more details. In those spaces, you can fit barcodes and even simple how-tos.

They are non-sticky

You know how labels can be: sticky and patchy when you remove them! At removal, you’d see gray patches like a quack artist’s map.

With wrap-around, you can say bye to such hideous after-use effects. Unlike other labels, wrap-around have little use for adhesive, that’s even if at all.

Some of these aids you apply from the top. It is almost like wearing a gown for a Bimbo that is typical of sleeve labels. Even the form with adhesives is not as poorly-designed as other tags.

In wrap-around, the adhesives are mild and only at the tail end where the two edges meet. That way, your electrical systems won’t lose their aesthetics. More importantly, the leftover sticky glues won’t be much of a hazard to ignite sparks to fire outbreaks.

In-house production

With a printer and some minor design skills, you can produce your wrap-around right from your desk. It is that simple.

Well, a few other labels are reproducible in-house. However, they don’t come as easy as wrap-around.

Take RFID tags, for example; it is just as effective but more strenuous compared to the former.

Besides, RFIDs are expensive. You’d have to worry about the chips as well as the scanners.

With wrap-around, you don’t have such worries. All you need to get is the computers and printers already at your office. Print your tags and roll them out for immediate use.

Despite all these impressive features, you need quality materials to produce a lasting identification label. Else, you risk all your efforts meeting their doldrums.

So, what can you do?

Get Help At IndustriTAG!

At IndustriTAG, we specialize in crafting need-specific and high-quality identification label solutions. Be it medical, heavy-duty, engineering, or agricultural: we are your go-to guy for labeling production and consultation.

As regards experience, we have been in the printing and labeling industry for over 20 years. In that time, we have mastered our products to be heat, abrasion, and oil resistant.

A deal with us means assured results and long-lasting solutions for your identification needs. So, reach out today, and let’s see how to solve your needs.


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