XBox Scene: All You Need To Know

Every Xbox enthusiast who bought it before 2015, most probably have heard the term, Xbox Scene. Gaming consoles have become super popular since the last decade and why wouldn’t they, with the amount of entertainment and advancement in gaming technology they were bound to. People consume a lot of information about them as well, kids like to know more and more about how to use their Xbox or PS4 to the best ability and make the most out of it. There are a lot of communities online like official, underground and paid forums. Xbox Scene is dead and was one of them.

Though if you are one of those who loved it and want to know how to access Xbox Scene even today in 2017 since you adored the information shared and the members, then today I will show you a way to do it. In this guide, you will learn what exactly it is and how to access it even if it’s gone from the Internet.


What is Xbox Scene?

Xbox Scene was a forum that was dedicated to the people who owned Xbox One, 360 or PS3. It was launched back in 2004 and has been a ever growing community since then. Whether you had a general, newbie, hardware, software or hacking/modding related question, the folks over always had some solution that the user could use to play the game in a better way.

It was full of resources, very useful threads and a lot of regular contests as well. From discussions about Xbox mods to repairing DVD drives, there was a thread on freakin’ everything and it was one of the best communities out there with some masterminds from around the globe.

Is Xbox Scene Dead?

I have heard it from some friends that it went down twice (once in 2012 and then in 2015), since then it has never came back up. The site and the thread pages were still indexed on Google about 6 months back, though now it doesn’t seem to be accessible or visible in any way. A lot of helpful information has been lost due to this forum going down.

People are sad that such a golden community just went dead in a flash. Since some of them grew up there and learnt a lot about hacking, HDDs and much more which finally also helped them find a way out in life and learn about how to manipulate a computer (which is EPIC). One of the active members of the xbox Scene who was around since 2003 said,

“It’s really sad that the forum was taken offline. A lot of my childhood was archived there, online… Hell, I remember the historic moment when the LBA 48-bit limit was surpassed, allowing you to partition hard drives larger than 127GBytes. That was awesome. Or the guy who first installed two HDD’s on the same PATA cable, with a switch to select between the two. Or the blue samuel l jackson admin “hsdemonz” or something. It would be interesting to reread what I wrote in 2003 as a young teenager. I’m sure it’s not pretty, but it’s still important to me. I would love to reread it.”

It was a treasure trove of Internet history, he added!

Why was it Shut Down?

In February 2015, the forum, Xbox-Scene was breached and more than 432,000 member accounts were compromised. Hackers stole IP addresses, passwords, email addresses and usernames.

People were told to change their passwords on any other accounts that shared the same password as Xbox-Scene. This led to the end of this community since a lot of personal information might be compromised if it wasn’t shut down.

How to Access Xbox Scene in 2017

Now that you know the history and what exactly Xbox Scene is or was, I want to share a way that I have worked around which lets you access this excellent community today in 2017. If you REALLY wish to check out the old stuff on Xbox-Scene (they had some VERY useful material in there), you can use the Wayback Machine. People have been able to get ahold of information and tutorials that existed only there. Follow the below steps in order to do so:

  • Go to or Wayback Machine
  • In the field “enter URL or keywords” enter this URL:
  • Press Enter
  • Click on the year you wish to check on the timeline and then select any date from the months (as shown below)

  • You will be able to access the website version on that particular date and then search whatever you want to on that forum

The images or videos might not load fully since the site is dead but you would be able to view and kind of text information easily by navigating through the different threads.

5 Xbox Scene Alternatives

If you want to find the members or admins of the Xbox-Scene forum today, you can head over to these alternatives which I am sharing. Many of them are scattered over these communities and share the wealth of knowledge they have regularly.

  1. Original Xbox
  2. The iso Zone
  3. Team Xecuter
  4. EMUxtras
  5. RealModScene

You can find the old members here on these forums and check our their threads or ask them your queries which you have waited long enough to.

Final Words

With this we come to the end of this guide. I tried sharing everything I knew about the Xbox Scene and I hope you enjoyed knowing something new today. Forums are the best way to get information yesterday, today and tomorrow and this was one of it’s kind.

Have a look at the alternative since many members from Xbox Scene are now hanging out at the alternatives I have shared, hope you will come across them. You can comment below your questions if you have any, I will get back to you within the next 24 hours. If you want me to write on something in particular, then I am open to your ideas as well. Thanks for reading and share the post if you think it’s valuable. Cheers guys!

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