Getting a Xinput1_3.dll Error? We Have the Solution For It?

Xinput1_3.dll is a dynamic link library component that is associated with the Microsoft Common Controller API. It is developed by Microsoft and is referred to as the crucial system files of the Windows operating system. Xinput1_3.dll generally consists of a set of driver functions and procedures that may be applied by Windows. It makes sure that the Windows programs can operate properly. It’s used by Windows to get connected to several game controllers that are installed on your computer. 

You can expect the error message to be displayed on the screen when you try to connect to any game controller like the Xbox. Most of the xinput1_3.dll errors happen when Windows is not able to process the file correctly. If Xinput1_3.dll is missing, it can adversely affect the work associated with the particular software. 

Installing Xinput1_3.dll is one of the ways to fix the error. There are several other ways to do it and we are going to discuss there here.

The commonly occurring error messages

Xinput1_3.dll errors can occur because of various reasons that include xinput1_3.dll has been misplaced or deleted, damaged Windows registry, a faulty application, or presence of malicious software on your computer. Some of the error messages that you can witness are:

  • The program cannot start because of missing xinput1_3.dll on your computer. Try to reinstall the program and fix it.
  • Any problem starting with xinput1_3.dll. You will not be able to find the specific module.
  • Error in loading xinput1_3.dll. A specified module is not found.
  • The code execution cannot be done because xinput1_3.dll not found. You can reinstall the program to fix the problem.
  • The particular xinput1_3.dll is not designed to run on Windows or it has an error. Try to reinstall the program using the original media. You can even contact the system administrator or software vendor.

How to fix the missing xinput1_3.dll error?

We have mentioned some easy ways to fix the problem of missing xinput1_3.dll error:

  • Restart your computer – A system restart can resolve the xinput1_3.dll not found an error. A simple restart can clear it up completely.
  • Install the updated version of Microsoft DirectX – When you upgrade your computer with the newest version of DirectX, you can get rid of the xinput1_3.dll not found an error. Microsoft releases updated to DirectX.
  • Install DirectX on your application or game – If the problem does not get fixed after updating the DirectX version from Microsoft, try for DirectX installation on the application, game, DVD, or CD. 
  • Uninstall the software program or game and reinstall – An error can happen if there is something wrong with the program file that works together with xinput1_3.dll. Hence, by uninstalling and reinstalling the program, you can get the issue resolved. 
  • Update the drivers – This is not a very commonly used method to solve the error of missing xinput1_3.dll. However, in some cases, updating the drivers for your video cards could solve the problem. 
  • Restore the xinput1_3.dll file – If none of the above options work for you, you can try to extract the xinput1_3.dll file individually from the DirectX downloadable package. This has been widely used by the users as it has helped to resolve the problem easily.

The missing error message of Xinput1_3.dll generally appears when the software or a game is launched. It is caused because of an issue with Microsoft DirectX and when the file is not found. In the majority of the cases, the solution to solve to the problem is to reinstall xinput1_3.dll on your computer’s Windows system folder. Some of the programs like the PC games require that the DLL file is present in the application/ game installation folder.


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